Evaluate your mental wellbeing

You are invited to assess their state of mind by answering the questions below.
Full name of the test “Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale.” It is designed Zigmond A.S. and Snaith R.P. in 1983

1. I feel the tension, I was not alone.

2. What brought me great pleasure, and now gives me the same feeling.

3. I have a fear, it seems that something terrible may be about to happen.

4. I can laugh and see in a particular event funny.

5. Restless thoughts swirling in my head.

6. Я испытываю бодрость.

7. I can easily sit down and relax.

8. I think that now I do everything very slowly.

9. I feel inner tension and tremors.

10. I do not follow their appearance.

11. I feel a restlessness, as if I need to move constantly.

12. I believe that my actions (occupation, hobbies) can bring me a sense of satisfaction.

13. I have had a sudden feeling of panic.

14. Can I get the pleasure of a good book, a radio or television.